This is the home of the artists Lisa Dewey, Bethany Curve, Marc Moreland (formerly of Wall Of Voodoo), Mute Angst Envy, Kelsi Arnold and Gina Chiala. Kitchen Whore Records was started in 1997 by Lisa Dewey with the release of her 2nd full length album "Lola CUKI". Lisa wanted to have a label that would allow herself and other artists a way to create and produce their music without the constraints that come along with being an artist on a major label.

Kitchen Whore Records' mission is to give a voice to the Fringe/Alternative/Independent artist, while retaining the integrity of their music.

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Your Kitchen Whore,
Lisa Dewey

Last Updated: December 2018


  • The NEW Bethany Curve record coming!
    Frontier (digital single) - 11/16/18
    Dreamland (digital single) - 12/14/18
    Murder! (CD and digital) - Jan 2019
    Murder! (limited edition double vinyl) - Now Available!
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  • Lisa Dewey has a role in the feature film, "And Then Came Lola" which is now available at WolfeVideo and Netflix.

    And Then Came Lola
    This wonderfully fun and sexy lesbian romp takes a whiz bang tour through the streets of San Francisco as photographer Lola (the beautifully athletic Ashleigh Sumner) races to get to a crucial meeting on time. As usual, Lola is running late. Her job and her girlfriend  Casey (Jill Bennett, Dante's Cove, We Have To Stop Now) are on the line and Lola has three chances (ala the art house classic, Run, Lola, Run) to make it right. As Lola races against the clock is Casey falling into the arms of her ex?! Will Lola make it in time? Will she come at all?

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