Mute Angst Envy, a San Francisco Bay Area based band, has been recording and performing since 1988. Mute Angst Envy is a completely collaborative experience, with the musicians sharing rotations on the vocals and guitars. The songs range from atmospheric dreamscapes to aggressive alternative rock.

Mute Angst Envy has released a remastered version of its classic 1991 release, Archetype (Kitchen Whore Records). Originally released on legendary and now-defunct 21st Circuitry Records, Archetype enjoyed a wide release, charted on college stations around the country and was distributed internationally, getting club rotation and airplay as far away as Brazil and Rome.

This remastered Archetype will be available through all major digital media, including iTunes and A limited number of CDs have also been pressed.

Band Members:
Jack Holmes bass, guitar, vocals
Keith St. Thomas bass, guitar, vocals, drum programming
Paul Zimmerman bass, guitar, vocals, keyboards
Les Shanrock drums

Mute Angst Envy Archetype (remastered) (2008)
Mute Angst Envy South 11th Street CD (2004)
Mute Angst Envy Archetype/Trust CD (1991)
Mute Angst Envy Trust EP (vinyl) (1990)

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